Around the Shop today


One  of my favorite tools


Baltic Birch and template edge.


Montessori Floor bed and 4 Play Gyms cut out and ready for edge treatment


Pine shelving ready for mortise and tenon joints.


The cutting Edge




Back in school


Our Children are gone back into a public school. It’s the Middle River School that has only 2 class rooms. K-6 grade. The Middle River School is on the top 30 best schools in Canada. This school fosters a warm and genuine learning environment.  They believe that each student is special and needs teaching, motivation and nurturing to foster his/her own individual talents. I did not count the total children but I think it’s around 23. A very tiny 2 room school is just perfect for me and our kids. Our son Liam is the only student in grade 6. He is also the oldest and tallest student.

This school also grows a garden.


The garden they grow is very important. The students take care of this garden and in the Fall they decide what they will make with the items they grow. They sell the products at the market to raise money for the school and a portion of the money will go to a child in need. The students also put together a meal for all parents. This helps the children learn to grow food, market the food or products they make, math skills are used and the joy of coming together as a family and community.


I am so happy that our children have such a wonderful school to attend.

Today… Friday

Last night the wind blew hard and it poured rain all night. I love stormy weather. That feeling of,

“Batten down the hatches”

Everyone snuggled safely inside while outside is crazy and wild. I really love days when the fog is so thick, you can’t see anything out your window. I also love thunder and lightning. The way the trees light up when the lightning flashes. Yes, I so LOVE it all.

I get excited and nerves all at the same time. Last night was a reminder for me that it’s soon tropical storm season here in Cape Breton. They predict an active hurricane season this year.

stormI woke up to our trellus fallen over and broken.  The ground was covered in leaves, and raindrops hung from everywhere.

swingThis weather is a big reminder that Fall is around the corner. It’s also another reminder that school is about to begin. Our children will be going back into a public school. It’s a 2 room school that is located up the road from us. This is the very first time we have been excited to send them into the public school system. I will tell you all about this lovely school soon in the days to come.


With the reminder of our older children going back into school, I have been thinking a lot about Silas. He will soon turn 2 and he will have us all to himself for most of the day. I have been pondering some ideas for him with the Montessori environment in mind.

I can’t wait to find some extra time to set up his area into a space where he can learn, play and create.  This will be the first time that Silas will not have his older siblings around to entertain him throughout the day. Change will be good for him.