Off-Grid Campaign

In 2002 when Tracey and I envisioned our collaborative business venture (which became Turn A New Leaf)  we never imagined that some day it would be set in the beautiful woods of Cape Breton. Through many trials and tribulations this business venture blossomed and underwent several transitions through the course of time. The most important transition for us was to downsize and leave the hectic pace of city life behind.  Our decision to downsize gave us a chance to focus more emphasis towards raising our children and the time to engage new and better strategies towards a sustainable business.


With a lot of effort and hard work we’ve made some important advances since arriving in Cape Breton 3 Years ago. We reestablished our business here with great success.  I’ve introduced a new line of natural children’s furniture which has had a mind of it’s own and is doing better than we could have imagined. We acquired our own 10 acre paradise last year and we now have a building in place which will soon become the creative workspace for the woodworking aspect of Turn A New Leaf.


We still have many monumental tasks ahead of us and we will take each one in stride. Our most pressing concern now is to move the woodworking shop from the dank basement to the new building. This transition will only be possible if a power source is in place for the necessary tools. We’ve looked at all the options available to us and we have come to the conclusion that an Off- Grid power source will best serve our needs. Our biggest hurdle now is the funding necessary for this endeavor. Up to this point we have never borrowed money (whether personally or for business) and have always lived within the means available to us. Since we do not currently have full funding within our means we have decided on the following campaign. Please follow the link below to learn more.





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