Firm Foot Hold

After many hours of sculpting and removing soil from the steep building site with the tractor I finally got down to the task of digging trenches for the footing of our house. I hammered and picked into the bedrock creating a stepped trench, wearing off an inch of steel from both the pick axe and mattock in the process.


By Monday (July 15th)  I had the forms in place and ready for the concrete. It ended up being one of the hottest days we’ve had this year, a blistering 35 degrees Celsius. The brutal task of moving, pouring and finishing 7 yards of concrete began at 11:00 AM and was done by 4:30 PM. Liam had come with me and was kept busy running for cold water from our little stream to quench the burning thirst from working in the heat.


With a steel reinforced 12″ x 20″ perimeter footing set into the bedrock our house will definitely have a firm foot hold, not to mention the 4500 PSI concrete used for this footing. Tomorrow the forms come off and the next phase of construction begins. More forms and concrete as I extend the lower portion of the stepped footing to meet the upper section with a stub wall. I’ll make sure to choose a cooler day to mix and pour this batch of concrete though.



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