12 km before noon

Today home schooling for Hanna and Liam was a 12km hike up the abandoned Rear Hunters Mountain Road to explore a beaver dam I had discovered there about a year ago.

With Silas strapped to my back we headed out on our early morning hike. Having all the kids out of the house gave Tracey some much needed quiet time to focus on completing several urgent orders. The fog cleared and for the first time in about a week the sun came out. The beaver pond is about 5kms up Hunters Mountain through  dense Maple and Balsam forest. Both the trail and forest floor are covered in thick moss, strewn with colorful fall leaves.

Hanna and Liam were extremely excited to visit the beaver pond with hopes of possibly seeing an actual beaver. We carefully crossed the dam to get a close look at the lodge were the beavers live.

There were tracks and signs of recent  activity everywhere when we got close to the lodge.  We didn’t see a beaver but noticed several spots in the water where a curious head popped up and some bubble trails along the surface.

After our exploration at the  pond it was time to start heading back down. We decided to take an alternate route back, taking us along the highway.  As we walked I mentioned to the kids that I knew about an old house in the woods not too far off the road. When we got near to where the building was we scooted into the woods.  This place would have made a great haunted house for Halloween.

Hanna and Liam loved exploring this old building and wanted to find out more about who had lived here. It will be fun to incorporate this into their lessons as they learn more about the local history.

At some point someone seems to have made an attempt to remove the old tub but given up, probably because of its weight. This structure is in remarkable shape for its age, a testament to the effort that went into placing it on a solid foundation.

As we started back on out trek down we passed through the remains of an old apple orchard that had once graced the grounds surrounding the old house. Tall old apple trees gnarled with overgrowth from lack of care and pruning. They were so big that there was very little undergrowth and walking among them was quite easy and enjoyable. Who had lived here and why had this place been abandoned? I can’t wait to research this with the kids.

Once we turned the corner and started walking up Macmillan Mountain Road we knew we were home ….. well almost …. only 2 more kilometer’s, but we’ve walked this so many times that its just a short stroll. We were fortunate enough to see a Spruce Grouse as we walked up the drive. It was well camouflaged among the rocks and hastily flew off as we approached.

It was truly a wonderful morning for both students and their teacher. Silas got in a great nap and Tracey had some quiet time to finish orders. The kids are already planning our next adventure.


2 thoughts on “12 km before noon

    1. Hey Fabs! I didn’t see your note till now. We did find out about the house ….a bit. In a book about this area published in 1986 it states that the house had been empty for quite some time. It was built in the 1890’s by Robert and Annie Macey. There is also a picture taken in 1986 showing the house all boarded up in slightly better condition than currently. It is amazing how well houses of this age weather so well and similar abandoned homes built within the past 50 years are so dilapidated in comparison.

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