Taking it all in.

Time is flying us by. So very much to do, get done and think about.

I decided to walk papa’s lunch down to our land and see how things are coming along. Each time I go, I still need to remind myself that this land is ours. After 11 years of wishing and dreaming, we own our part of heaven. 

My favorite part of the walk with our children is our driveway.

Papa had to clear this out first to get to the perfect spot to build our home.

This OLD road is still closed in as you pass the spot where we have cleared.

I see many adventures ahead with our children exploring these parts.

At the end, there is a stream where there once was a bridge.

Hanna and Liam love climbing the mounds of roots that had been torn out from the clearing.

I can’t wait to burn them but for now they serve as forts and secret hide outs.

My days are hard homeschooling 2 kids and chasing a crawling baby. Keeping our home organized, feeding everyone and still trying to run my studio.

Some days I want to pull my hair out and give up…. then I see papa.

The hardest working man I know.

I’m glad I stopped to take it all in.


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