The summer is flying by with all the hectic activities on the go. There is a stream of endless tasks along with the major undertaking of building the shop and house. This morning while mowing the grass and organizing around the yard I picked a handful of stray raspberries at the fringe of our yard. I ended up getting a bit carried away. I went inside and got a small container to hold the berries that practically fell into my hands and before you know it I had to go in again to get a bigger container. In less than half an hour I had picked more than 6 cups full.

This year is definitely a “berry good” year. Lots of wild raspberries and there are loads of blueberries ready to pick in the field. The blackberries are just starting to ripen and it looks as though there will be buckets of them too.

Picking berries provides a brief repose from the hectic day. A chance to reminisce about summers as a child in the wilds of Alberta picking berries with my siblings. My mother made endless amounts of preserves from the wild berries we used to pick.  At that time an important part of my summer holidays was to pick wild Raspberries, Blueberries and Saskatoon’s. On our family outings picking berries both my sisters and I had to pick a small bucket full of berries before we were allowed to go play for the remainder of each picking day. After our buckets were filled we would explore the forests and fields. One of my favorite activities was to escape my sisters and scavenge the fallow fields for Indian arrowheads and other stone tooling. In the attic at my parents place is a box full of artifacts I found on some of these summer days gone by.

It is amazing when I reflect back at the amount of work my parents did to maintain our family. Picking all those berries and then preserving them in jams, juices and jellies. I will be putting these berries in the freezer, it’s so easy and Tracey loves to use them frozen for the Smoothies she makes every day. I will be definitely straying away from the regular work day to reminisce among the berries.


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