Homeschooling in Nova Scotia

We took a day to go to the City and I found some great books to use for homeschooling the kids this year.

All these books are from the Thrift Store, unused and the Canadian curriculum.

I have done some research on books and I think we are going with a few of the Oak Meadow Curriculum as well.

I was so excited to find so many work books for our 2 kids. My favorite is the Science crafts for kids. A wonderful hands on way to understand science and nature.

Liam and Hanna are so excited they asked to start right away.

I think we’ll wait until September.

Liam loves Origami, and has many books but he found a kit with loads of fun paper.

Aside from these books, we also found non toxic paints and art paper.

Do you Home school in the Nova Scotia?

I would love to hear from you. Homeschooling is not the norm here so it would be nice to see how others home school their kids here.


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