Digging into the Mountain

Yesterday was a big day on our building site. The excavator came up and made short work of removing the stumps and excavating two pads for the buildings I will be putting together soon. The topsoil here is beautiful, rich and deep, between two and three feet. Fine reddish sandy loam with very few rocks. I can now see why a homestead had been placed here. Even Allen the excavator operator commented on how wonderful the soil is ” finest garden soil”.

We hit bedrock (Red Conglomerate) about 4 feet down into the excavation for the shop.  This will definitely make a solid foundation. At about four feet into the excavation for the house we ran into a problem.  The subsoil strata was extremely compacted and rocky making it very difficult and slow to remove material. I quickly repositioned the markers 15′ further down the hill and 15′ further West. This ended up being the ideal location to place the house. The full length at the back of the dig is bedrock . You can’t ask for a more solid foundation base!

There are three huge root piles that I will be tearing into later in the fall, but for now I have to place the footings and foundation for the house and shop. It’s time to collect rocks which will become the walls for the basement of our home.

It is a bit overwhelming at the amount of soil and material there is to move around on this site. Just today I did the bottom of the driveway by hand. About twenty wheelbarrows full of topsoil to remove and another twenty of rock and fill to put in place. Four hours of digging and shoveling that the excavator could have done in two scoops in less than a minute.



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