Sad Day on The Mountain

Today began as all other previous days this summer, with the cheerfully chirping of birds in the woods and meadows, bees buzzing among the flowers and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves in the forest.  The tranquility was abruptly interrupted as the roar of a diesel engine came to life at the entrance of our driveway. The birds stopped chirping and the breeze was filled with the foul smell of the diesel engines exhaust.  A sickening cracking & snapping of shattering branches and trees began reverberated across the mountain as the forest was being attacked with the awful whine of a Tree Harvester (aka … Tree Killer). A 25 Acre parcel of land at the lower end of our driveway was sold in May and the owners have decided to rape it for a small profit. ( There is no polite way to say what is being done to the forest there)

Our driveway will never be the same again and the pleasant strolls we’ve enjoyed along this stretch of road will now be marred by views of devastation. The tracks of this monster are grinding the vegetation into a disgusting pulp and covering it with a thick mass of crushed and shattered branches and debris. Where the machine is sitting in this photo was one of the largest plots of  Pink and White Lady Slippers on the Mountain. ( Any wonder why this plant is considered rare??)  The kids and I have walked through these woods many times, enjoying all the wild things which make their home here, including a family of Spruce Grouse and a Nesting Red Tail Hawk. The other day while driving up we saw a coyote dashing across the road into the woods after spending the day feasting on strawberries in our field.  These animals and others will definitely be displaced along with all the song birds nesting in this forest.

A final view of our driveway before it will be forever changed. 25 Acres of destruction will ensue, you can not imagine the heaviness in our hearts. It is truly a Sad Day on the Mountain.


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