Busy designing and creating

I’ve been having loads of fun with stripes lately. I prefer natural and simple looks for everything particularly when it comes to diapering. It just makes sense to buy diapering that is gender neutral. Why have cloth diapers and covers that are too boyish or girly. Buying gender neutral diapering saves you money if you plan on having more than 1 child. Clean, natural looks are timeless as well.

These organic Hemp/cotton with an outer cotton stripe fit from birth to potty trained, adding another money saving feature.

I was kept busy completing custom orders for Wool Wraps this week.  I love creating these and the woodland motif is my favorite. We live here in the Highlands so our surrounds inspire me to make these. Not only our surroundings, but my children and Husband. Many German books and tales include stories of woodland animals and characters.

I have many more started and will post them soon.


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