Where the Wild Things are!

The weather wasn’t very Spring-like, but it’s perfect for working in the woods and at the wood pile. With the odd snow flake drifting in the wind it’s a pleasure to walk through the woods without those pesky blackflies and mosquitoes constantly trying to have a quick snack, it’s inevitable though they’ll make an appearance very soon.  Most of my day was spent among the Wild Things up here on the mountain. On the 10 Acre wood a small clearing is slowly appearing as I create a space among the trees for our future home site.

The chainsaw is a messy noisy tool and I use it very sparingly. It’s only use here is to fell the trees, all the limbing and bucking (cutting into pieces) is done with the axe. Without the noise from the chainsaw I can hear eagles far above screeching at each other, the chirping of birds amongst the trees and the whoosh of an occasional crow as it fly’s by.

A pile of logs has slowly accumulated which I will mill into lumber for our house later this summer. In the meantime they must be peeled to prevent the infestation of various wood boring beetles which could greatly compromise them as a usable building material.

Peeling the logs also helps prepare them for the sawing process. They will have some time to pre-dry thereby eliminating internal stresses making for more stable lumber. Most of these will become timbers for the frame of the house.

Simple tools make quick work of removing the bark and it’s on to the next log.  As I maneuver and work each log a vision of it’s place within our future home slowly develops. As with everything I create our home will inherit it’s own unique story, an account of the materials, experiences and adventures that have gone into every aspect through its creation.


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