Enhancing Babies Motion

Silas has been rolling over the past few days but with a flat mat on the wooden floor he tends to hit his head and the fun is suddenly over. Sad tears, he hasn’t been enjoying the floor lately. We like to put Silas on the floor for most of the day so I had to make him his very own play pad. It is natural, soft and can be used long beyond his rolling stage.

Pure Wool Filled mat, hand tufted with an organic washable hemp/cotton muslin cover.

This play mat can also be used for him to nap on. Rolled up, I can take it outdoors and it will also be a great pad for camping. When he’s older this can become a warm blanket or a pad to snuggle on.  He already loves it.

Here’s Silas in motion.

Giggles all around. The pad will provide soft landings for his noggin and a comfortable surface to scout out his surroundings.  While playing on his pad it is also important that his clothing be simple and loose fitting. Loads of room to enable rolling, kicking, stretching, crawling and overall freedom. I’ve made more recycled cotton pants using the same pattern I created for my recycled wool diaper covers. These pants are made from re-purposed cotton jersey shirts.

I’ve been loving the strips lately.

Here’s a sneak peek in the studio.

New striped one size cotton and organic hemp fitted diapers.

Recycled Striped cotton jersey shirts to be turned into comfy pants for babies.


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