Preparing recycled wool

Recycling Wool

Preparing recycled wool starts as soon as I get the thrifted sweaters home. I choose high quietly wool sweaters from thrift shops, mostly made with Lambswool, Merino, and Cashmere. Some have residue perfumes and strong scents left from previous owners.

I hate this smell and always tend to get headaches after shopping so I wash all my thrifted wool right away. I have been using our natural laundry soap to wash the wool for years now. It rids the wool of all odors and softens it as well. We use the wool wash setting on the washer and then hang all washed wool in the living room to dry on our cloths line during the cold months by the wood stove.

In warmer weather, we hang outdoors.

Washing the wool has always been an exciting part of the process for me. I start looking at and feeling the wool to see what style will suit best from each sweater, soon to be cut and turned into my recycled wool covers and longies.

Stay turned for a tutorial on how to make your very own wool longies from re-purposed sweaters.


3 thoughts on “Preparing recycled wool

  1. Hi there! I bought a bunch of stuff from your etsy store not to long ago, I am in love with your products and how you live! You are very inspiring!
    Any chance you might still be able to provide this tutorial on longies? I wanted to sew my own and spent a disappointing hour looking them up on other sites to no avail. I love how you have the band in the middle, it looks like it fits better than most!

    1. Hello Karen

      This has been on my to do list, life has just gotten so extremely busy and hectic at the moment. I will try to find time early in the week to post the tutorial. I’m so happy to see that there is interest for this and thank you for your email and interest.

  2. No worries, I totally understand! I won’t be sewing one for a while since we are expecting our third really soon. In the mean time, what sort of sweater would do? Anything soft wool, merino, and a bit thinner? Then I should wash it in the machine to felt it? What about drying it?

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