Today ….. (for yesterday)

Outside our window: Warm Spring sunshine beaming through the trees , robins chirping and two Sap Suckers doing a courtship dance in the maple tree.

I am thinking: This mild weather will bring out the mosquitoes and blackflies soon.

I am hoping: I can get everything done that I have planned for the summer months ahead.

I am listening to: The croaking of frogs echoing through the trees behind the house.

I am creating: An image in my mind of the house I will build for us this summer.

I am thankful for: The care and passion Hanna and Liam show towards others.

From the kitchen: The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, as big as saucers …. thanks Mama!

Around the house: The never ending dust bunnies slowly forming under the beds and in the undisturbed corners of every room, patiently awaiting their fate to the vacuum cleaner later this week.

A moment in time:


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