Oma’s Ointment

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is one of natures wonder plants and has become an important ingredient as a cure for both Hanna and Silas. During the dry winter months Hanna tends to break out with spots of eczema that are difficult to treat. Prescribed  hydro-cortizone cream keeps the affected areas in check but is not a cure, our preferred treatment is a cream that Oma makes and it works wonders. Silas developed an eczema rash on his cheek, we weren’t to concerned since it was only superficial but when he scratched at it the other day it inflamed. I applied a bit of Oma’s cream in the evening and by the next morning the rash had practically disappeared.  Made with natural home grown calendula and tons of love we rely on this wonderful ointment.

Calendula has many uses besides being an easy to grow and pretty flower garden plant. Grown within  rows of cabbage plants their bright yellow/orange flowers distract the Cabbage White butterfly and prevent  them from laying eggs on the cabbages. As a medicinal plant it is a well known for its astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral affects thus being an excellent ingredient for creams and soaps. Another well known property is the high Lutein content in the flower petals. Lutein is an important compound for healthy eye maintenance.

Besides all these benefits this pretty flower can also be thrown into salads for color and flavor. And for the fiber artist in the group it is also extensively used as a dye plant. If you come up to visit us this summer you are sure to find an abundance of these growing and blooming here on the mountain.


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