Alchemists Kitchen

Some of the most exciting moments in our daily lives are those spent apprehensively waiting for packages to arrive in the mail. Everything we need comes by mail or in some instances courier, soap making essentials, wool or fabrics for Tracey’s work or many of the materials, supplies or tools I need.  Ordering and sourcing supplies has always been fun but when a tag shows up in the mailbox proclaiming a pending package our excitement peaks. Many times we will be expecting more than one package to arrive. In these instances it is always a guessing game which package it may be. We could of course follow the tracking number provided with most shipments but this would spoil the fun and excitement of a surprise, much like knowing the gender of your child before they are  born.

Today a box arrived with some basic raw materials for making our soaps and for my natural furniture finish. Once unpacked our kitchen turned into somewhat of an Alchemists workshop. Tracey scraping out remnants of lanolin into a beaker to melt. The scale comes out to weigh oils and other ingredients while tins are prepared for the finished product. In the meantime I’m weighing out ingredients of my own and heating them on the stove. As we create our mixtures we both indulge in the fragrances emanating from the natural raw materials spread out on the counter and table. It was the smell of the Carnauba Wax flakes that produced the overwhelming mmmm’s and yumm’s from us today.


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